- Location: Dương Đông Town; Area: 17 hectare;
- Orient, goal: Build a Water processing Hub with the capacity of 30,000 m3 per day;

Casino Complex
- Location: in the North West of Phú Quốc, Đá Chồng hamlet, Bãi Thơm commune, Phú Quốc district; Area: from 135 – 149 hectare;  with approximately 800 rooms;

- Location: next to An Thới urban area; Area: not determined;
- Orient, goal: Form up a deep-water international tourism port which can welcoming large size cruises.

- Location: in Cua Duong Commune; Area: about 25 hectare;
- Orient, goal: Treat and process waste for Duong Dong Town, Cua Can Town, Cua Duong Commune and neighboring areas.



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